The Collective Press was formed in 2008 when kimshilohI wanted to share a press with the neighborhood. It started as a collaborative print shop and numerous T-shirts and posters were made for bands and local businesses, as well as several Bloomington bike-related T-shirt designs still selling today.

After a dissolution a short time after, it became a private print shop and I began collecting letterpress equipment, antique printing presses as well as a decent collection of wood and metal type. The need to help and learn from other print-makers was overwhelming, and was compelled to visit a collection of artists in Gordo, Alabama 11 times over the course of 3 years before settling into my own print shop.

The Collective Press’ products include letterpress posters, signs, cards, bookmarks, ephemera, screen printed T-shirts, as well as hand-painted goods.

All of my letterpress equipment is housed in the I Fell Building at 415 West 4th Street in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. “The Fell,” as it’s known, is an old 1930’s warehouse built as an auto dealership, now housing dozens of independent artists and businesses.

My letterpress studio at the I. Fell

My letterpress studio at the I. Fell

My hours vary at the downtown location (I also print T-shirts at a different studio & have several jobs) but appointments can be made by emailing to: thecollectivepress(at)gmail.com or texting me at 812.325.1385.

Sundays have been the fun days lately.  Free parking.  The Fell is hopping!

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  1. Hi Kim! I hope you are well. I thought you might be interested in this:

    Artists, I’m teaching a business class for artists at Gather on Thurs. March 26 from 7-9 on public relations and finding markets beyond galleries, art shows, and Etsy for selling your work. Class fee is $35. Students will learn:

    • how to write press releases and create news about your business.
    • engage your supporters in creating buzz around your art.
    • how to develop relationships with local and online media and other community members to promote your artwork.
    • how to discover new products and venues unique to you, your specific artwork, interests, and values.

    You will also leave with individualized action plans and idea checklists. Please spread the word to artists you know who will find this useful! To register for the class, sign up at: https://squareup.com/market/gathershoppe

    For more information, please contact Sheryl Woodhouse Keese at sherylwkeese@gmail.com or 812-606-8304.

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