The Collective Press was formed in 2008 when I acquired loads of screen printing equipment and decided to share it with the neighborhood.  It started as a collaborative print shop and numerous T-shirts and posters were made for bands and local businesses, as well as several Bloomington bike-related T-shirt designs still selling well today. After a dissolution a short time after, it became a private print shop and I began collecting letterpress equipment, antique printing presses as well as a decent collection of wood and metal type.  It also changed from a collective into a mobile venture to learn from other print-makers.

The Collective Press’ products include letterpress posters, signs, cards, bookmarks, ephemera, screen printed T-shirts, as well as hand-painted and stenciled goods.



One of several Bloomington Bike-related T-shirt designs from 2008



The Collective Press is located in the I. Fell Building, at 415 West 4th Street in downtown Bloomington, Indiana.   The I. Fell Building is an old warehouse built in 1930 as an auto dealership but is now housing dozens of independent artists and businesses.


My letterpress studio at the I. Fell

My letterpress studio at the I. Fell


My space at the I. Fell Building

My space at the I. Fell Building


I do not currently have set hours that I am at my downtown location, but you can make appointments by emailing me at





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