Have you heard?

We are hosting a fundraiser this December for our beloved artist community here at the Fell.  In order to keep the rent low and the spirits high, we are inviting our friends, neighbors, family, and other believers out there to help support our cause and BUY ART.

The fundraising effort will start off with our Holiday Gala, a fancy art sale packed with goodies like live music, handmade hors d’oeuvre, Upland beer, wine and as always, open studios.  The Holiday Market will be a revolving display of local arts and crafts by members of the Fell and friends.  It’ll be open for business the first 2 weekends in December from 10am-6pm in the Fell Gallery. Come if you can!


Well Hello Again!

Where did my blog go?  Awesome changes made then suddenly it is gone.  Scammed by a small business guy, a friend, when I decided to have my site hosted locally.  Now, at the worst time, back to the basics.  Already made some drastic, positive tweeks and now it’s better than it was before.  I’ll plan a date after the holidays (!!!?) to the add the online store.  Thanks for the patience, ya’ll.

The Story behind the Postcard


Back in 2008 I saw this really great documentary about the Race Across America, a 3000 mile bicycle race from San Diego to Atlantic City.

It is called Bicycle Dreams, and here’s the website for it: http://bicycledreamsmovie.com/

I highly recommend watching it weather you are a bicycle-enthusiast or not.  It’s not about the sport so much as a portrayal of human courage amid extreme obstacles.  Racers engage in an unthinkable test of physical endurance without sufficient sleep, many to the point of hallucinations.

The person who stood out to me the most from the documentary, even months after, was a man by the name of Bob Breedlove.  He was the race’s oldest competitor at 53, an orthopedic surgeon from Iowa, and an inspiration to everyone in the race.  Amid the worst weather,  road, and internal conditions he always had a smile for the camera, and would say, “It’s a beautiful day in Paradise.”

Just watch the film and you’ll understand his influence.

So he inspired this postcard, but of course there is a double meaning which transcends much discussion:  simply, BREED LOVE.

Good Stuff

Moved into my new studio space and it is shaping up quite nicely!  Here is how it looked at the beginning.  Such character.  So happy to have so much light.  It really does wonders for your head.

Since I am so close to my equipment at the Bloomington Print Collective, I’ve spent several hours there printing T-shirts in the last couple of weeks.  I printed 4 of my old designs from the early days at TCP, namely, Bloomington Bike-Inspired shirts, as well as a long-requested NEVER GIVE UP design.  So far I have a limited selection of shirts but soon enough I’ll be able to print much more.  Yay.

Such fun.  So many new ideas.  I love being in a big space filled with artists.  It’s such a nice incubator for growth.  I have grown so much since my days printing shirts in a garage.


Btown Bikes

Bloomington Tread

Guy on Bike